Out of wine!

wineWhat do you do when you go out of wine? When you go out of wine in your marriage, job, life  or in your walk with God. Things that used to excite you no longer excite you. Serving God, worshiping Him, going to your place of work no longer excites you. When something that should give you joy or fulfillment no longer gives you any of these but becomes, mundane, ritualistic or a burden.  Then you are stuck at a wedding that has ran out of wine. Just like the first wedding in Cana of Galilee went out of wine. Mary went to Jesus and told his servants to do whatever Jesus told them to do!  Just like they asked Jesus for help, you need to go to God and ask for help as well. You have to be involved for you to be able to get your blessing from God. Do you have the faith for what you believe God  for before you have what He wants to give you? Start setting the stage, start getting ready because something is about to happen!!!! If you loose your expectation, you loose your potential for getting your blessings. Don’t give room for weariness. God has not brought you this far to leave you. Release your expectations so you can receive from God.


Great are you God -Shola Iyiola


Shola Iyiola, is a young and vibrant saxophonist whose personal mission is to  play & create songs that are sung in heaven. He believes in bringing quality music and a professional presentation to every opportunity he gets to stand in front of an audience.  A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and songwriter, started off playing music in the church at the age of 3. He has recorded, opened for and worked with many prominent artists; the likes of Micah Stampley, Anthony Evans, Adlan Cruz, Ron Kenoly, Don Moen, Uche Agu and Niyi Adams, etc. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Houston-Downtown. He is currently pursuing study of Jazz Performance and Audio Engineering.

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Happy Father’s Day!

father39s-day-cards-onlineHello lovely people how was church today? It was fun at my church, the men had a “discover yourself” game. Different characters (Jesus, Mathew, Cornelius,Abraham, Peter) where clipped on their backs and they need to ask the congregation questions that will give  them clues of who they were. The men asked different questions. One of the characters asked what the name of his wife was(Sarah) , the first letter in his name (A), the name of his child (Isaac) and he discovered he was Abraham. The game went on for each of those characters. It was really interesting and then youths, teenagers, children and wives were asked to tell the men what they expect from fathers. The children want fathers to be loving, caring, source of help to others who are in need, the teenagers want fathers to trust them and be approachable, always having a listening ear, wives want fathers to be loving, encourage them to love and serve God the more, they want fathers to serve God, be sensitive to their emotional, financial and spiritual needs. One thing that got my attention  the most was the comment of being approachable. Just like our heavenly father is approachable and wants us to always call on Him, fathers or husbands should also be approachable. Enjoy every moment you have with your family, tell them you love them and show it by your actions as well… Happy Father’s Day to all the men out there, may God empower you to be all that He wants you to be amen.

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kefe2 kefeee3 kefe1   kefe1a

Yesterday, I woke up to the news that the gospel artiste Kefee has gone home! I was shocked and didn’t believe it. Alas! it was true….I came into contact with her music  about eight years ago during my N.Y.S.C. in Nigeria.  I remembered how my cousins and I played “BRANAMA” video and danced to the song when I was in Port-Harcourt. Kefee was one of the  young gospel singers who inspired me. I didn’t know how much I loved her until I heard about her demise and tears came rolling down my cheeks. I prayed for her before she went home…. God gives and takes away!!!  She really inspired a lot of people through her music. May God grant her soul eternal rest.  She will be missed, may God comfort her loved ones, amen. Whatever it is God has called everyone of us to do, let us do it with the whole of our hearts. Impact and Impart as many lives as you can, the night cometh when no man can work… Nobody knows the time and the hour but let us make the most of the life God has given us so that when we depart, we would be going empty and would have finished our race well.