One of my old books!

IMG_3544 Last night, I remebered one of my old books that has been a blessing to me, but I couldn’t remember where I kept it. I have read that  “4X6” 32 page book several times. I  started looking for the book and was desperate to find it. After a few searches, I thought to ask for the Holy Spirit’s help and I said a prayer. “Holy Spirit, guide me to where this book is” right there, in the study, I found the book. The Holy Spirit told me to move closer to a direction and lift some books up, then I found it! Someone might say it was a coincidence, no, it wasn’t. I have not seen this particular book for almost a year but I was guided to where it was.

This month and beyond make it your goal to fellowship with the Holy Spirit more than ever before. Worship Him, talk with Him, ask for His help, His guidance, ask Him to fill you with His fruit and obey Him as He leads. Asking for His help and yielding to His guidance can save us a lot of pain and struggles. I pray that we all shall enjoy the guidance and fellowship of the Holy Spirit more than ever before this month and always..

Stay blessed


Sing Halleluyah

Sing Halleuyah to the Most High God for this month of May. Each day is a gift, and a privilege. We are all that we are by God’s grace, the reason we should always appreciate Him and give Him glory due Him.