Happy Father’s Day!

father39s-day-cards-onlineHello lovely people how was church today? It was fun at my church, the men had a “discover yourself” game. Different characters (Jesus, Mathew, Cornelius,Abraham, Peter) where clipped on their backs and they need to ask the congregation questions that will give  them clues of who they were. The men asked different questions. One of the characters asked what the name of his wife was(Sarah) , the first letter in his name (A), the name of his child (Isaac) and he discovered he was Abraham. The game went on for each of those characters. It was really interesting and then youths, teenagers, children and wives were asked to tell the men what they expect from fathers. The children want fathers to be loving, caring, source of help to others who are in need, the teenagers want fathers to trust them and be approachable, always having a listening ear, wives want fathers to be loving, encourage them to love and serve God the more, they want fathers to serve God, be sensitive to their emotional, financial and spiritual needs. One thing that got my attention  the most was the comment of being approachable. Just like our heavenly father is approachable and wants us to always call on Him, fathers or husbands should also be approachable. Enjoy every moment you have with your family, tell them you love them and show it by your actions as well… Happy Father’s Day to all the men out there, may God empower you to be all that He wants you to be amen.

How was Father’s Day at your church? Please share with us by leaving a comment in the comment icon by the right corner! Thanks 🙂

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Enjoy this father-daughter video (Paul Blaoche & Daughter)

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