Countdown to 2015

1A The year 2014 is almost gone, some part of the world like Australia and China are already in the early hours of 2015! Some of us still have few hours left in 2014. While we are getting ready to usher in the new year. I want  you to reflect on all that you have been through this year, the ups and downs, the good and the bad and know that things can only get better in this coming year. Give thanks to God for all things because, He will make them work together for your good. He makes all things NEW and get into 2015 with your faith high in the God of all flesh, the God of all possibilities. Have a vision for the new year, set your goals, if you have not done that already, commit them into the hands of God and work towards them. I pray that you all have a very prosperous 2015. Thank you all for your support and for visiting this blog. Looking forward to a glorious 2015. Please remember to share this blog with your friends 🙂



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December is here!

Wow! Isn’t God faithful? We are already in the last month of this year and this is my birth month, Yay! I would like to know if your birthday or any of your loved one is also a December person kindly leave a comment and the first to do that gets a worship CD as a gift  🙂

This is  that time of the year that we count our blessings and reflect on the things that have happened all year round. We take stock of our goals for 2014 and see which ones are yet to be accomplished. It’s the time of the year most people begin to plan for the new year and start getting prepared. Remember to count your blessings one by one and give thanks to God. Someone once said that you keep an empty jar and start to fill it up with the records of the things God has done for you since the first day of a new year till the last day of that year. It will be amazing to find out how much God has done for you. Though you may have some questions in your heart about certain issues you are going through or you are about losing hope. God is still in the business of doing great things for His people. Be encouraged , give Him thanks for the little things and He will do greater things. The Psalmist in Psalm 67 says “Let the people praise thee oh God, let the people praise thee, then the earth shall yield her increase , and God even our own God shall bless thee”. More blessings are released to us as we praise God.

Action point: Get a plain sheet of paper and take a moment to reflect on the things God has done for you this year. Write them down one after the other and give thanks to God for them. Remember to thank Him in advance for the ones you are still hoping to get and see Him work wonders on your behalf.

May the Lord crown this year for you with His goodness, amen..