Yay!!! I made it!! Beautiful people of God, I have come to give you a praise report. I have not been blogging regularly like I use to because I have been preparing for a certification exam. That is one of the reasons you have not been  seeing my posts, I apologize and hope to get better on my blogging. So, I wrote the exam exactly a week ago and  I passed 🙂

I am so happy to share this accomplishment with you.. I am a Certified Health Coach (American Council on Exercise) now and also a Nutritionist by training. So if you’ll like to know more about health and wellness or fitness tips, I’m here to help you. I’ll keep you posted on my upcoming events.

I am sharing this with you because I want to encourage someone out there believing God for one thing or the other. Remember that God will help you; only do your part of the job, pray and work hard. I didn’t pass the exam at the first attempt but I believed that I can do all things through Christ that gives me strength. I studied and prayed and told God in my prayers that I will share this with my friends on this blog. So dear friend, be encouraged! Go back to your goals and visions, if you don’t have any, write them down now and begin to work on them. God will bring them to pass! Write that book or song, start that project or business, start networking, don’t be discouraged about the things or people around you. Get to WORK and God will bless your efforts.



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Helpful Hints
*You are first a worshiper before leading at all. It’s your first identity.
*Preparation of your heart before the Lord is critical. If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me (Ps 66:18). No deception. God isn’t mocked. *You are man of authority because you are first a man under authority. Let the Holy Spirit the chief commander chart your course as you surrender.
 *You should seek vision or direction or theme for the meeting as you stand before God in Prayer. Nothing is done until you’ve prayed. Where’s God leading you? Which song first? *Part of your task is stirring the congregation physically, vocally and joyfully to praise God. No excuse! Attitude is everything. So praise God with an attitude
*Remember to pray for the congregation you are privileged to lead-to be free from the spirit of heaviness and be clothed with the garment of praise that stirs readiness and willingness to worship *You need to be relaxed and be bold. It s a faith adventure. Don’t be scared *Move purposefully from intelligent thanksgiving to vigorous praise and then to a more personalized worship. From the gates into the courts and then before the throne *Have an open heart concerning the flow as you lead: do not automatically follow a line, song, style or procedure that was particularly blessed last time.
*As the worship becomes more intimate the leader must become less prominent. Remember you’re a bridge!
*Mistiming a ‘breaking in’ at a time of intimate worship can be disastrous. Leave the congregation to worship their God and experience Him individually. It isn’t a concert.
*Realize that worship will ebb and flow; it is good to understand the dynamics that preserves and enhances the worship time without distraction or discouragement *Encourage the people to avoid ‘second-hand worship’, which is riding on someone else’s expression or experience. Until you see somebody kneels down…you can’t
*Record both video and audio of your worship, rehearsals and experience.
Document, review, and learn from past…capture the moment for content in the future.
By Pst.Yomi Ajayi.
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Welcome to May.

In this month of May, GOD’S GRACE shall be MULTIPLIED to you in all that you do and He will be your Strength. For they that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits. This new month of May, you shall do exploits! God will come through for you..