God is Able!

This is to encourage someone out there! Whatever you are going through right now. Remember God is Able to DO exceedingly abundantly above all that you ask or imagine. Hold on to His word and believe Him for the very best. God is coming through for you. He is ABLE!!!

He has scribbled you on the palms of His hands and your walls are continually before Him.

Thank Him for the Blood!

he-is-risenHis blood was shed for our victory,  healing, deliverance, prosperity, blessings, name it.  Every good and perfect gift that God gives BUT the ULTIMATE is the salvation of our souls.  He that commits sin is of the devil for the devil sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil ( I John 3:8) which He did on the cross of Calvary. He destroyed the works of the evil one and said “IT IS FINISHED”. Whatever is not of God has been dealt with at the Cross and has been nailed to the cross. Therefore rejoice for all things are yours. He died, He rose again and HE IS ALIVE forevermore!!!…Look because the tomb is empty!!! The evidence that the power of resurrection is real. Let that same POWER OF RESURRECTION work through you and in you. That can only be possible if you give your life to Him. If you already did continue to fellowship with Him and worship Him in Spirit and in truth for such are those that the Father seeks.





Noah’s Ark

I watched this video and I thought to share with you….One of the best gifts God has ever given mankind is Salvation , a product of His mercy. His mercy endures forever but remember He is the Lion and the Lamb! He extends His mercy to us and whenever the time is up, He shuts the door. Remember the 10 virgins, some were wise and some were foolish. When it was time for the feast and the foolish ones were not ready, the door was shut! God gives everyone time  and after a while, the door shuts…. the same with the story of Noah in those days, the hand of mercy was extended to the people but some refused and the door was shut! The door of salvation was shut!!! Nobody knows when but now that we have the grace, we should live our lives worthy of God’s kingdom…Food for thought!

Enjoy this viideo

Snippets from Houston Worship Revolution

It was  a refreshing time as we worshipped God at Houston Worship Revolution on Saturday as Daniel Dee Jones and other music ministers led us into God’s presence. Here are some of the sights and sounds from the event. The next stop will be in Gothenburg Sweden on 31st May 2014. Save the date if you are in Gothenburg!

DVD of the Houston Worship Revolution concert will be coming out soon but before then, enjoy these snippets from the concert!


DSCN1400  DSCN1401

dee jones 5 dee jones con 3 dee jones conDSCN1404 dee jones con1 dee jones con2 dee jones4