Meet Yvonne Chukwu

Yvonne is a Woman that Loves God and Just can’t keep it to herself. She is a Nigerian Born, US-based multi-denomination, and multi-cultural Worship Leader/ Gospel Recording Artist/Singer/Songwriter/Song Editor/teacher and a victor. Yvonne has led worship all over the United States and Nigeria and is privileged to have shared a platform and ministered side by side with Samsong, Panam Percy Paul, Micah Stampley, Uche Agu, Dee Jones and many more. Yvonne is a heavily anointed, dynamic and versatile worship Leader who wants nothing else but the presence of God. Her skill and versatility combined with the anointing makes the difference. Yvonne was a member of the children choir at the age of 6 and is still a member of the choir till date. She became born again at the age of 9 and started writing songs and leading Praise and worship at the age of 13. Yvonne started her music ministry at the age of 15 and began to minister to churches of all sizes and denomination in music and the word till date. She is the worship leader in her home church RCCG House of David and the choir and Music director for the Singles, Youth and Children’s Ministry of the church. Yvonne, with the help of the Holy Spirit, has directed, groomed and trained choirs of so many churches in the USA and is still on it. Yvonne has always function in one of her callings as music minister with the unction of the Holy Spirit alone. She is her parents first daughter and the first of four children. She is a College graduate with an associate of science degree in applied science in May 2010 from Lonestar College and a Double bachelor’s degree in Health and Biology from the University of Houston in December 2015. Yvonne is a Strong Believer of the Gospel of Jesus Christ who stands on the word of God that can never and will never fail. Her Ministry is sought after all over the USA and across the globe due to her debut album “In His courts” which is out now.
Her new single “Miracle” is coming out soon!
Connect with her on Facebook: Yvone Chukwu
Instagram: the_elect_lady


November is here!

Glory to God! We are in the 11th month of the year, 2017 is gradually coming to an end. God has been faithful and He is worthy of praise and honor, I want you to take some time to give Him praise because He deserves it. That’s all I need you to do as you read this blog today and let the praise flow right from the bottom of your heart.


God is good!

Hello Beautiful people, it’s been a while I post on here! The Hurricane Harvey occurred last month in Houston Texas and there was a lot of devastation, losses and damages, through it all, God remains faithful and I am praying for a restoration of all that was lost and damaged in people’s lives. It’s a new month!! we are in the month of October, the 10th month of 2017 and the beginning of the last quarter in 2017. I can’t believe this year is almost going to an end. You may be there, reading this post and feeling apprehensive and anxious and thinking…..”I hope this year will not go without me having my breakthroughs, finishing my projects, experiencing God in a new way” etc. God is in control and He’s got your back, keep on doing your best, working towards your goal and being prayerful for except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. We still have more than 60 days to the end of 2017! Ask God to help you build IT, whatever you are trusting Him for, ask Him to build it for you and He surely will! Remember, with God all things are possible! Do you believe?

Mighty God

The Mighty God in whom there is no shadow of turning has kept you alive to see the month of August. Each day given to us is a gift from Him, we should appreciate Him for this and one of the ways to do so is to give Him praise and work on fulfilling purpose. Whatever He has entrusted in your hands, do it with all diligence for you shall reap if you faint not! Welcome to your month of amazing opportunities!