Mighty God

The Mighty God in whom there is no shadow of turning has kept you alive to see the month of August. Each day given to us is a gift from Him, we should appreciate Him for this and one of the ways to do so is to give Him praise and work on fulfilling purpose. Whatever He has entrusted in your hands, do it with all diligence for you shall reap if you faint not! Welcome to your month of amazing opportunities!

God is worthy to be praised!

It’s the beginning of a new day, new month, new opportunities, new possibilities! Appreciate God for the gift of life, every day is a gift from Him. He has kept us and He remembers us in our low estates, provides for every need, protects, guides and heals, He is beautiful for every situation and He is more than enough. Why don’t you take some time to give Him some praise. He has not forgotten you and He is working things out for your good. Praise Him in advance and welcome to your month of possibilities!

Thank You Lord!

It’s time to give thanks to the Lord for the gift of life and His love!

June is here, wow!! the first half of this year is almost gone, where did the time go?…. Every new day is a free gift from God, an opportunity to work towards your purpose and achieve your goals and be a blessing to others, appreciate the gift and make the most of it.

Give Him some praise with this song:

Good God.

Awesome  and Faithful God in whom there is no shadow of turning has done it again! He brought us to another month in 2017. Welcome to May! God is worthy of our praise, why don’t you take a moment to worship Him and let Him know you appreciate Him. Come on now, give Him some praise!!!

You are beautiful beyond all my dreams
Words can’t describe Your loveliness
You are glorious in all of Your ways
You made my life so beautiful
Awesome God
You are so good
Awesome God
You are so good
I worship you
I worship you
I worship you
I worship you


The tomb is empty!!


Mathew 28:6 He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. The tomb is empty! Halleluyah He’s alive forever, the sting of death is gone, He has given us the victory. May the power of resurrection of Jesus Christ be at work in your life amen. Happy Easter everyone!



Adeyinka Adegoke commonly referred to as “Yinka” by his friends and families recently released his debut single titled “Kiki Ahon”. This song comes with a twist of the English and Yoruba languages. The song is a sound reflection of our praise to the Almighty Father. Adeyinka’s passion for worship can be felt in his songs. He is a solid songwriter and musician.

He founded the worship startup “Worshippershub” which helps to promote up and coming Christian musicians and Worship leaders. The worship startup targets mostly Africans but is available to everyone all over the world.” I have created this platform in order to showcase the unidentified Christian Worship Leaders who are talented and working hard at their arts with little or no recognition in the Gospel Music Industry” He further explained,” I really believe every Christian artist needs some sort of compensation for their hard work and time they put into their music” You can visit the website here “Worshippershub” to upload your songs or listen to gospel music songs.

Enjoy one of his new songs “BY HIS STRIPES” below:



Connect with him: http://www.adeyinkaadegoke.com

Facebook: Adeyinka Adegoke