Candy West (contd)

1450743_10202394503604691_343457235_nBackground Singers:

First you must understand that a background singer is a support vocalist for a lead artist. This can be a paid position but it depends on the artist, event, etc. I’ve learned in 17+ years as a professional background vocalist you have to love what you do with all your heart. When you love it, you can do it for free if you have to.

Be Professional: Study the music. Attend rehearsals. Take care of your voice. Dress appropriately. Remember that you’re representing someone’s ministry or career. Most importantly, BE A TEAM PLAYER.

If you are hired to do bgv’s don’t get too common with the artist. You are hired to do a job. Asking personal questions is not proper. Offering your opinion about what they do is not proper. Especially, if you were not asked.

Have a great work ethic and a great personality. I believe this is what has allowed me so many great opportunities through the years.

If you’re seeking to begin a career as a background singer, do not seek a career for the money but the experience. Some times the pay and the experience don’t match. So again, you have to do it because you love it.

Network. Find events and concerts where other artists, singers, and musicians are and introduce yourself. Don’t be afraid to offer your services. You have to let people know what you do.

Be persistent. You may not connect with an opportunity immediately but eventually doors will open.

Background singers and Praise team singers are totally different. And though there are similarities they must not be confused. Praise team singers are a part of the ministerial unit that lead the people into an encounter with God in a worship service. This is a volunteer position and somehow the posture of some praise team members would be that of a superstar. Remember you are there to serve God through your musical gift and be a blessing in connecting with the team where you serve.

And though being a supportive vocalist requires skill and ability to learn and execute, your HEART and the intentions of your HEART must always remain pure.

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Candy West- “Taking The Local Church Through Worship Transitions (New Songs and Worship Experiences)

There is a paradigm shift as it relates to worship experience in today’s church. Many ministries are simplifying their format in an effort to turn the congregation’s heart to true worship.

I”ve found that praise and worship has become a very critical element in today’s worship services. The key to an effective worship experience is moving the focus from singing to the congregation to have the congregation sing the song of the Lord in a corporate fashion. This moves the worship team from having to entertain to a place where they can flow in the presence of God.

Implementing songs that are simple is most effective. The average church goer may not be a music major. They come to church to connect with God. So singing songs that are simplistic lyrical and musically helps them to not be intimidated to join in. Grant it, there is nothing wrong with being creative but remember those who may not understand crazy chord progressions or complicated songs with a lot of words and changes.

When the congregation is able to join in with you this creates a corporate sound of worship that knits are hearts together and shifts the focus towards our God being glorified. And when God is glorified his presence fills the very atmosphere where true corporate worship is taking place.




Hello lovely people, I believe you are doing great! It’s June already and it’s  like we started 2014  yesterday. This  year is really going fast. How has it been so far? For some people, it may have been one of the very best years of their lives and for some it’s like things are not working the way they have planned or imagined. Be of good cheer, God is in the midst of it all. He is still God both  in our good and bad situations. I want to encourage you to keep hope alive. God is still in the business of blessing people and turning every situation around for good. Remember that God loves you and He has scribbled you on the palms of His hands. Give Him thanks for the gift of life, the bible says ” a living dog is better than a dead lion” and in every thing we should give Him thanks.