Out of wine!

wineWhat do you do when you go out of wine? When you go out of wine in your marriage, job, life  or in your walk with God. Things that used to excite you no longer excite you. Serving God, worshiping Him, going to your place of work no longer excites you. When something that should give you joy or fulfillment no longer gives you any of these but becomes, mundane, ritualistic or a burden.  Then you are stuck at a wedding that has ran out of wine. Just like the first wedding in Cana of Galilee went out of wine. Mary went to Jesus and told his servants to do whatever Jesus told them to do!  Just like they asked Jesus for help, you need to go to God and ask for help as well. You have to be involved for you to be able to get your blessing from God. Do you have the faith for what you believe God  for before you have what He wants to give you? Start setting the stage, start getting ready because something is about to happen!!!! If you loose your expectation, you loose your potential for getting your blessings. Don’t give room for weariness. God has not brought you this far to leave you. Release your expectations so you can receive from God.


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