War Room!

Hello lovely people, thanks for always stopping by 🙂 Let’s talk about PRAYER as an art of WORSHIP to God.

Prayer is a means of communicating to God, we talk to Him and He talks to us as well. Most of the time we are in a hurry to leave the place of prayer and as a result, we may not hear Him when He speaks to us. Our patience and adoration in the place of prayer are some of the ways we reverence God and can also be described as our art of WORSHIP to God in prayer. God speaks to us in the place of prayer, He guides us and gives us instructions or ideas on that NEXT step we need to take. He wants us to fellowship with Him and  wants to hear our voices. Recently, I watched the “WAR ROOM” movie and it reminded me of so many things one of which is intercession. Praying for the people around us every time, not just once a while! Many of us Christians have forgotten about that aspect of praying. Talking to God about everything, even the seemingly little things  and aspects of our lives and see Him work on our behalf. He wants to be part of our lives..Yes! God cares so much about us and our fellowship with Him is an art of WORSHIP!

If you haven’t seen “WAR ROOM” I encourage you to do so 🙂



To God be the glory!

God be praised

God be praised

Let the name of the Lord be praiiisseeedddd!!

God has given us the privilege to see another month in 2015. September is here and we are getting close to the end of this year. This is one of the months we begin to take records of our achievements in the year, think about the goals that were set at the beginning of the year and see how much have been achieved or not. Some people may be excited that they have reached some of their goals while some are no way near theirs. Don’t be afraid, you’ll get there, you’ll definitely reach your goals. Remember to thank God for where you are now. Your present situation is someone else’s dream. Thank God for His faithfulness over your life, only the living can praise Him and only the living can set goals and get them achieved! We still have about 4 months to the end of this year, now begin to plan, pray and pursue your dreams. You will reach your goals… say with me ‘ Jesus is with me, therefore I am successful’. The power of life and death is in the tongue, keep praising Him and confessing what you want to see. God will bring it to pass in Jesus precious name, amen. Don’t be discouraged, keep on moving on!

Have a fulfilling month on September.



Oh Lord, my God, Jesus

I’ll speak of you Glory,
I will show forth your beauty
If I dance it wont be enough,
If I shout it wont be enough (Repeat)

For you are the great and mighty King
You rule in every nation
On Christ the solid rock,
You are worthy to be praised
You are Alpha and Omega, I worship you today
In you I put my trust, You name I will extol

Heaven speaks of your glory
And the earth of your beauty
Your love is new every morning
And your faithfulness is ever sure (Repeat)

For you are the great and mighty God
So greatly to be praised
Your beautiful for all situation
You are the joy of the whole world (Repeat)

Yelele, Uyingwele [You are Holy],
Siyakudumisa [I worship You]
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

For you are the great and mighty God
So worthy to be praised
Your beautiful for all situation
You are the joy of the whole world (Repeat)

Jesus, Jesus my Lord, You are the joy of the world…