Sinach Live concert@ Houston

The long awaited Sinach Live concert @ Houston Album is out!

History was made  on September 21, 2013 as the world renown worship leader,and award winning gospel artiste Sinach ministered at the concert in Houston, Texas.
“I know who I am”, “I stand amazed” , “Dance in the Holy Ghost ” and some other songs written  by her were sung at the concert. It was a glorious event marked with the awesome presence of the Most High God.


Pictures from the event:

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Top 10 Tips for Staying Healthy Throughout the Holidays!


  1. Make a commitment to eating mostly healthy and nutritious foods throughout the holiday season!
  2. Start looking now for a few delicious, nutritious and colorful recipes to add in to your holiday meal plans, and plan on using them!
  3. When making holiday treats, focus on using healthy and nutritious ingredients in your recipes, whenever possible: Nut Butters, Dried Fruit, Coconut, Coconut Oil, Nuts,Seeds, Fresh Fruit, Honey, Lemon juice, etc.
  4. Eat a healthy meal or snack before going to holiday parties. This will reduce your chances of over-indulging in non-nutritious foods.
  5. Make a plan for what you will and won’t eat at holiday parties and dinners. Put thought into choosing mostly healthier foods first, and then indulge in one of your favorite sweet treats.
  6. Stay away from drinking calorie rich beverages (i.e. Punch). They are loaded with empty calories that are completely lacking in nutrients. Opt for drinking water instead! And be sure to stay well hydrated throughout the day, every day.
  7. Prepare a Pick-Me-Up snack to keep in your purse or car during holiday shopping season. A little baggie with some Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruit will provide nutritious calories, protein and good fats that will satisfy your hunger, give you a healthy boost of energy, and prevent you from stopping for a snack or meal lacking in nutrients!
  8. Reduce your stress-load by choosing to Simplify Your Holidays: Make fewer holiday commitments, deck-your-halls with fewer accessories, scale down on gift giving and make room for more time to relax and enjoy the season!
  9. Schedule some “Me Time” and put it on your calendar! Plan on indulging in this special time for yourself before holiday stress weighs you down. Be sure to treat yourself with love and kindness, and give yourself a gift of quiet time, time out with a special friend, a spa appointment, or whatever you desire to do.
  10. Share your desire to have a healthy holiday with your family and friends, and invite them to join you in this journey!  Having their support will increase your chances for Staying Healthy Throughout the Holiday.

Mary Arasanmi

Board Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving-2013It’s another time of the year when everyone is getting ready for “Thanksgiving Day”.  Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It is a tradition in the United States and this is done yearly, it is one of the major holidays of the year. Family and friends come together for a special meal.

The meal often includes turkey,stuffing,potatoes, cranberry sauce,gravy,pumpkin pie and vegetables and each year at Thanksgiving, the President of the United States receives a gift of a live turkey.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving this year, remember to be thankful to God for who He is to you. Be thankful for everything He has blessed you with and for what He will bless you with.

Let this mind be in you to always give Him thanks not on Thanksgiving Days alone, He is worthy of Praise.

Thanksgiving Day is a time for many people to give thanks for what they have, I am thankful for the gift of life, my family and friends,what are you thankful for ?

The Experience/9

a06The Experience 9 will be taking place on the 5th of December 2014 at Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos Nigeria. You don’t want to miss this worship experience.

The glory of God and His presence was so strong as thousands of people praised and worship God at the Experience/8 (last year).

Convened and hosted by Pastor Paul Adefarasin, The Experience is an Interdenominational Gospel concert that features some of the best-known musical talents of our time. In December 2006 ,over 70,000 persons were in attendance. The Experience has now become known as the largest musical concert in Africa.

In previous editions, the Experience  runs through the night starting at 7.00pm and running till 6am the following morning; a colossal 11 hours of uninterrupted prayer and live music!

At its inception, the Experience was simply an opportunity for Nigerians to put aside tribe, tongue, class, and creed; multitude of people coming together and lifting one voice in worship to God. Don Moen, Micah Stampley, Sinach, Donnie McClurkin, Onos, Midnight Crew, Israel Houghton, Chioma Jesus, Frank Edwards, Angella Christie, Chevelle Franklin, Freke and other music ministers will be ministering.

Sights from last year edition:

Donnie McClurkin, Akpokoro, Cece Winans, Lagos Gospel Choir, Don Moen, Frank Edwards, Tye Tribett, Lenny LeBlanc.


experienc3 experience Akpokoro experience4 experience1 experience2

experience5 experiencecece experience7

experience8 experiencedonmoenT experiencefrankedward experiencetye tribett experiencelennyleblanc

We are looking forward to a GREAT time of fellowship with God through worship this year. If you cannot attend you can watch online

Registration is free!!!

Red Carpet Christmas

For those in or around Orlando Florida, join William McDowell and his friends as they come together to raise money for those in need! He’ll also be recording a new song for his next CD live that night! Spread the word! Share it! Tell your friends and don’t miss it 😉