May is here!

Glory!!! Glory to God! The month of May is here. This month may you experience God’s grace and favor more than ever before in all that you do amen. Appreciate God for the privilege to be here and well and for who He is. The awesome One, the Most High King, the One who never sleeps nor slumbers, the One who create the whole universe with His words, the Almighty God. This God has been faithful and is still faithful and some more… I want you to worship Him, He is worthy of all praise and glory. For someone who may be going through a situation right now and is believing God for an intervention, I want to remind you that this mighty God is BIGGER than all things, anything we are going through and He will surely come through for you and I. He is always on time and He makes all things beautiful in His time. I pray that you shall enjoy God’s grace more than ever before in this month of May, amen. Go forth and prosper!!



What happens after Easter?

after easter

Hello beautiful people hope you had a Happy Easter! Easter represents the death and the resurrection of Jesus, before and during Easter many Christians reflect on God’s love for humanity. His love on how He sent His only begotten son to die for us and give us a New life. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” John 3:16. A lot of us Christians know this verse of the scripture by heart and can recite it even in our dreams…. but have you ever thought of the cost of His death? It takes a great love to give one’s only “possession” out to another person but God gave us His only son! Take a minute to reflect on the fact that one can never love without giving, if you really love someone , you will give to that person. No matter how small it is, you will give,  your time, money, gift, your presence, anything!! Do you love God? What have you given to Him recently or better still, what are you giving Him daily? Your love for God will be evident through what you give to Him. Do you take time to worship Him, serve, spend time with Him consistently? That is the least we all can give to the one who gave His all….Remember to give Him some praise today! The Easter season should not be the only time we appreciate Him for His love, let it be your lifestyle. What you do on a very consistent basis. Let God know that you love and appreciate Him. Why don’t you take some time now to love on Him, worship and praise Him.




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Ever Faithful God!

The ever Faithful God has done it again and has given us the privilege to see a new month in 2018! March is here! and are you ready to March forward? In this new month of March, make up your mind to do one thing “STOP PROCRASTINATING”! If you can stop procrastinating, you will get a lot of things done this month. You want to develop a great relationship with God? start today, don’t procrastinate. You want to write a book, visit a friend, start a business, evangelize, eat healthy or God has instructed you to do a thing,  whatever it is start and don’t procrastinate. How do you start? Take some time out of your business (busy schedule) and plan, write out a plan and have deadlines on when you want to achieve your goal, get an accountability partner or a coach, commit it to the Lord and start working. I have made up my mind to STOP PROCRASTINATING, who else is with me on this? Now, let’s start and keep marching forward!





March is here!! Why don’t you give Him some praise now, He is worthy of praise, tell Him how much you love and appreciate Him. If not for His grace, where will you be? A living dog is better than a dead lion, that is what the bible says, we have hope because God has kept us here and we are alive. Take some time to appreciate the Most High God and remember, He has not forgotten you, He is working things out for your good. Halleluyah!

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Faithful God!

Take a moment to thank the Lord for His faithfulness. This is the second month in this new year, and we are privileged to be here. Remember that every day is a gift from God therefore, make the most of it. Be confident in that He who has begun a good work in you is able to complete it. God is a God of completion, whatever He has started in your life, He will complete it. Give Him praise in advance for all He is going to do this new month and beyond, Halleluyah!!

No one like You -Adefisayo

adefisayoadegoke no one like youI’m glad to let you know that my New and First single is out. The song “No One Like You” is a song that reassures of God’s faithfulness; the song was birthed from a personal experience at a time when it seems God was silent and there was absolutely no strength for worship. The song comes from an inner conviction and confirmation that He never fails. This song is to encourage someone out there of God’s faithfulness irrespective of current realities. Raise the roof with your praise and worship to Him and I guarantee you the battle will be over. The Lord of Host still has your back and you ain’t loosing the war. My prayer is that this song will bless you and every one that listens to it. Available for download on Spotify, CD Baby, iTunes. Kindly support my music ministry by subscribing to my Youtube Channel. Thank you!