Ever Faithful God!

The ever Faithful God has done it again and has given us the privilege to see a new month in 2018! March is here! and are you ready to March forward? In this new month of March, make up your mind to do one thing “STOP PROCRASTINATING”! If you can stop procrastinating, you will get a lot of things done this month. You want to develop a great relationship with God? start today, don’t procrastinate. You want to write a book, visit a friend, start a business, evangelize, eat healthy or God has instructed you to do a thing,  whatever it is start and don’t procrastinate. How do you start? Take some time out of your business (busy schedule) and plan, write out a plan and have deadlines on when you want to achieve your goal, get an accountability partner or a coach, commit it to the Lord and start working. I have made up my mind to STOP PROCRASTINATING, who else is with me on this? Now, let’s start and keep marching forward!




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