God is good!

God is good all the time and His mercies endures forever. It’s the last month of the year 2018!  Wow! just like that this year is almost gone to an end. Everyone has different experiences this year; the good, bad , not so ugly and the ugly….through it all God remains faithful. My prayer for you as this year is going to an end is that the Most High One shall crown this year for you with His goodness. If He can create the whole universe in six days, the remaining days in this year is too much for Him to load you with more of His benefits. Continue to give praises to God, He is working all things out together for your good. If you are reading this and you have not given your life to the Lord Jesus, make up your mind to follow Him and ask Him to forgive your sins and also be the Lord of your life. He loves you and He’s waiting for you!

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