Must I forgive?

forgive3Have you ever been offended so much that it hurts and you feel like you can never forgive the other person?  You even felt like the person does not deserve your forgiveness, you might have even vowed to yourself that you will never forgive that person….. you have to think about that decision once again! It’s high time you FORGAVE and LET GO! …….”Did I hear you say forgive and let go”?  Yes!!!, it’s time you forget those things that are behind and reach forward to those things that are ahead of you.  When we choose not to forgive, we are hurting ourselves and holding ourselves from moving forward. Most of the time, the person whom you are holding the grudge against does not even know you have not forgiven them and they may not even know they offended you in the first place; then you end up going through an unnecessary pain.  I understand that some issues might have happened to us that are not really good and we might have done a few things in our past that we think we shouldn’t have done. We can’t change those things but we can for our health and sanity, forget the past.  For you to  move forward, you must forgive and Let Go!!!   You can never move forward looking back or do you think it’s possible to make progress or get to your destination on time by reversing the car every 5minutes when you have a trip of about 3hours drive? Some times you may be holding unforgiveness in your heart without even realizing it!   “I have forgiven that person and I have gotten over that”…. really? do you think so?  Then, why does your heart skip when you hear or see that person or things feel very uncomfortable?  It’s because you are holding ought and you are not  suppose to do so. Whatsoever you desire when you pray believe that you have received them and when you stand praying, FORGIVE, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive your trespasses (Mark 11:24-25). There are times in my own life too, that people were not nice to me and I had to practice forgiveness even though it was really hurting. You can do the same too, forgive that person, that friend, that neighbor, that colleague of yours, whoever it is so that you can have peace and also move on to what God has in store for you. Nobody receives a gift by tightening their fists….. you have to open your fists to receive and that is why you should forgive and let go!  You can do it, yes you can!!  for you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Make 2014 count. Let Go and Let God.


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