Adeyinka Adegoke commonly referred to as “Yinka” by his friends and families recently released his debut single titled “Kiki Ahon”. This song comes with a twist of the English and Yoruba languages. The song is a sound reflection of our praise to the Almighty Father. Adeyinka’s passion for worship can be felt in his songs. He is a solid songwriter and musician.

He founded the worship startup “Worshippershub” which helps to promote up and coming Christian musicians and Worship leaders. The worship startup targets mostly Africans but is available to everyone all over the world.” I have created this platform in order to showcase the unidentified Christian Worship Leaders who are talented and working hard at their arts with little or no recognition in the Gospel Music Industry” He further explained,” I really believe every Christian artist needs some sort of compensation for their hard work and time they put into their music” You can visit the website here “Worshippershub” to upload your songs or listen to gospel music songs.

Enjoy one of his new songs “BY HIS STRIPES” below:



Connect with him:

Facebook: Adeyinka Adegoke


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