Duro -Morayo

Enjoy this song Duro: the wondering child by Morayo Vessel. Morayo is a Texas based Singer/Songwriter and poet, who describes herself as an Artist with a Christian world view.  ”My purpose is to seek God, give Him His glory, challenge, inspire, and encourage the Body of Christ, Love people, and express artistic freedom.” Morayo has dedicated her life and art, to seeking Yahweh, and making His Kingdom agenda known. She has released a couple of poems, and a free single called “Never Alone”. Morayo has worked with other local and international Christian artists, and occasionally sings background vocals for international commercials. She is looking to reach even more people with her art, and most importantly, the Love and Truth of Yahweh, and His Son. She recently released “Duro”: the wondering child.



Available for free downlaods on iTunes and all major online stores.

Connect with Morayo: http://www.morayomusic.com

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