The story of Frank Edwards: from hawking on the streets to running a business with Don Moen, is an inspiring one and one that shows that God can intervene in a man’s life whatever the situation is. He has a plan for you and the thoughts He has for you are good and not evil to give you an expected end. There is surely an expected end and your expectations shall never be cut short. That is what the bible says. Keep believing, keep doing your best, keep on keeping on!! You are on your way to greatness if you don’t give up on yourself…. Frank Edwards said and I quote “I am a product of my worship not by my singing but by GRACE.” He obeyed the word of God even when it was not convenient, he gave to the Lord and God opened doors, connected him with helpers of his destiny. My prayer for you today as I pray the same for myself is that God will give you the grace to be obedient to His word and live a lifestyle of a  true worshiper. Worship is more than a monologue (just singing or praying to God) but also listening to His voice when He leads and being obedient.

I speak GRACE to you today the GRACE OF GOD speak for you in all that you do,amen.



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