What is needful?

aquBeautiful people of God, how have you been. It’s been a while since my last post… sorry for the break in transmission 🙂

So, earlier this week while I was driving this question popped up in my head “what is the difference between a religious person and a born again?” And I thought to myself ” a religious person is someone who is religious..lol!…and someone who is born again have accepted the Lord Jesus as his or her personal Savior and Lord.

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that the difference between both of them is their relationship with God. Both of them literally know  what is good from the bad, goes to church and may even serve in one capacity or the other.

Are you a religious person or not ? Please answer this question…If you are born again and you do not have a relationship with God, then you are not different from the religious person. That was the insight I got while meditating on that question. I told myself that I should never joke with my relationship with God. Your personal time of prayers, worship and studying the word of God helps you to develop your relationship with Him and should not be equated with church attendance or activities; both are good because God does not want us to forsake the gatherings of other believers. However, our relationship with God is paramount. Most of us are carried away by the business of life! and we forget the One who has given us the grace for the “busy life”. I encourage you today as I do to myself that you should not be carried away by the “busy life” and always remember to acknowledge the ONE who has given you the grace for the “busy life” daily.




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