New Day New Dawn!

IMG_0039Welcome to February! It’s a New Day, New Dawn, New Month. Another opportunity to give to God and also receive whatever He has in store for you. Remember each day is a gift from God, appreciate Him once again for the gift of life and the gift of a new day and new month.

As you go into this new month, begin to decree and declare all that you want to see! Activate God’s promises over your life through confession. Confess the word of God, speak it, sing it, believe it and see Him watch over His words to perform them.

God is worthy of all praise and glory, give Him some more praise, give Him some more worship. Let Him know that you love and appreciate Him and His glory shall be revealed in your life, Halleluyah Amen!




I will sing of Your mercy and Your love

Of Your goodness and Your grace


Oh oh glory to Your name

I shout it loud

Glory to Your name


Glory to Your name


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