Welcome to December!!

Welcome to December, the last month in 2015! Wow!! This year is almost gone to an end….30 MORE DAYS and we are in the New Year. I can hear some people saying “where has the time gone”. This year has gone by so very fast, a lot of things have happened in different parts of the world both the good, bad and the ugly. However, God still remains the same. Ever Faithful, ever Sure. He has been your Shield and Guard, He has provided for you, He has shown up on your behalf, many times that you feel like all hope is lost, He has made a way for you. He has healed your diseases, you have food on your table, you have shelter, you have access to the internet cos if you don’t you won’t be reading this!! Most of all you have the gift of life. He has been these and more to me as well. Why don’t you take some time to appreciate Him. This year may not have been awesome or great for some people but the fact that there is life shows that God has greater things in store. For eyes have not seen, hears have not heard, no mind can conceive all the great things that God has in store you and I…. Why don’t you give Him some praise and know that as your gratitude goes up to God, your blessings are coming down! Keep your head up high, we have 30 more days till the end of 2015. There is a God of the eleventh hour Who does great things beyond measure, Who is going to show up on your behalf. If He made the whole world in 6 days and even rested on the 7th (Exodus 20:11), HEY!! 30 days’ a lot for Him to act on your behalf. Thank Him in advance!


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