Countdown to 2015

1A The year 2014 is almost gone, some part of the world like Australia and China are already in the early hours of 2015! Some of us still have few hours left in 2014. While we are getting ready to usher in the new year. I want  you to reflect on all that you have been through this year, the ups and downs, the good and the bad and know that things can only get better in this coming year. Give thanks to God for all things because, He will make them work together for your good. He makes all things NEW and get into 2015 with your faith high in the God of all flesh, the God of all possibilities. Have a vision for the new year, set your goals, if you have not done that already, commit them into the hands of God and work towards them. I pray that you all have a very prosperous 2015. Thank you all for your support and for visiting this blog. Looking forward to a glorious 2015. Please remember to share this blog with your friends 🙂



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