Back to the basics!


Let’s go back to the basics! The basics of studying the word of God daily, praying regularly, witnessing to others, having a quiet time daily, being our brothers’ keepers. This sounds familiar however, many of us including myself have strayed from doing these things like we used to do when we first gave our lives to Christ. It is high time we went back to doing these things with more commitment. Spending quality time in God’s presence and not being scared of going to Him with fellowship or scared of calling Him father. He who has ears,let him hear what the Spirit of God is saying to His church. He is coming for a church without wrinkle or blemish. Are you ready!! You and I are the church Christ Jesus is coming for, let us make ourselves worthy of His return. The bible says that the veil of the temple has been torn, it was torn when Jesus died on the cross. The significance of this is that we have access to the Father through the blood of Jesus. If at any time you feel there is a gap between you and God or you don’t have confidence to approach Him in worship, you need to check yourself and see if there is a sin hindering you. To my fellow musicians/worship leader/singers/music ministers, please make yourself a living sacrifice holy and acceptable to God. How can we lead people into God’s presence if we do not have a relationship with Him? God can never behold iniquity, God’s holiness and our sin can not mix!  We should keep ourselves holy and acceptable before God. We need to rebuild the altar of our lives and keep the fire on the altar burning if we must see God move through us in our ministry. So how do you go back to the basics if I may ask? Have a desire and thirst for more of God. Ask the Holy Spirit for help and strength. Be determined to move to the next level in your walk with God and ministry. Always yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Be quick to obeying God’s leading. Be disciplined. There are times the Holy Spirit will ask you to go read a book or a verse or a particular chapter of a Christian literature or do something. You need to obey and do it on time, that way you will be able to learn and get the message He has for you. He can give you a word for someone as well. Study the word! If you need to get a new bible, get one with the type of fonts you like or your favorite version and be determined to study it. You may start with your favorite book of the bible and then, you move on from there. Pray, spend quality time in worship. You and I can never give what we don’t have.


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