Candy West- “Taking The Local Church Through Worship Transitions (New Songs and Worship Experiences)

There is a paradigm shift as it relates to worship experience in today’s church. Many ministries are simplifying their format in an effort to turn the congregation’s heart to true worship.

I”ve found that praise and worship has become a very critical element in today’s worship services. The key to an effective worship experience is moving the focus from singing to the congregation to have the congregation sing the song of the Lord in a corporate fashion. This moves the worship team from having to entertain to a place where they can flow in the presence of God.

Implementing songs that are simple is most effective. The average church goer may not be a music major. They come to church to connect with God. So singing songs that are simplistic lyrical and musically helps them to not be intimidated to join in. Grant it, there is nothing wrong with being creative but remember those who may not understand crazy chord progressions or complicated songs with a lot of words and changes.

When the congregation is able to join in with you this creates a corporate sound of worship that knits are hearts together and shifts the focus towards our God being glorified. And when God is glorified his presence fills the very atmosphere where true corporate worship is taking place.



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