Rudeness in the team..


Hello worship leaders and worship team members, I came across this article on a blog and thought to share with you. I learnt a lot from this particular topic and I found out that it is almost like the same story every where we have people and we have to relate and work with them!. I found the suggestions helpful as well. ” How do we work with the seemingly difficult people on our team? ” Not just at church or in our worship team but also in our work places, schools, daily lives when we have to work with people as a team. David on his blog stated that the team leader should develop patience, confront the people involved behind the scenes, pray for them and get to know their situation. I agree with every of the points David have stated based on his experience. The question now is ,”what do you do after you have tried all of these suggestions and it seems like there is no much progress?”  Please share your experience by posting your comments. This could be the answer someone is waiting for!

David Santistevan:




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