What’s in your hand ? 2

handsThere’s so much to learn from the life of Moses and his calling to deliver the Israelites from Egypt.

He thought of himself as inadequate, incapable, not fit for the task but God made him to know that all he needed was obedience and confidence to accomplish the task. What do you have in your hands? Everyone has “a rod” in his or hand, something that can be used to help others, and be a blessing to them. Your talents, your skills, the gifts that God has blessed you with but some of us are holding back just like Moses did. We think we are too young, we think we can’t do it, we think we are just too shy to do what God has called us to do. God is waiting on us, He is waiting on you to give him that rod in your hands so He can turn it to miracles and  use it to be a blessing to someone.

However, we need to work on ourselves to be able to accomplish or do whatever God has called us to do. As believers and music ministers, we need the help of God to handle our weaknesses, giving them to God to help us overcome them so that these weaknesses will not hinder us from fulfilling our destiny.

What are those weaknesses? The bible calls them “the flesh” – anger, unforgiveness, lies,hatred, laziness,resentments,etc think of it, whatever can limit the grace and the anointing of God in a man’s life. Those things should be handed over to God so that they don’t destroy us. Moses weakness was anger and it cost him the Promised Land. Ask God to help you to overcome those weaknesses, you know what they are and God knows too. He made you and you are the sheep of his pasture. You can not even hide those things from Him, then why don’t you admit them and ask Him for more grace and make a conscious effort to work on yourself too so that God can turn that rod or those rods in your hands to miracles – fiscoyadahpraise!

” If you will trust Him by taking care of the “small end” (the little things ) He has instructed you to do, He can and will use you to do great things for His glory” – Jentezen Franklin.

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