Dannetta Lynn Rivers -excerpts from W4


The Relevant Music Minister: Busy but Worshiping.

In my years of music ministry and worship arts, and my more recent experience as an artist in the music industry, there are a few simple; yet profound lessons that God has allowed me to learn. Some of these lessons have been learned by hardship, and others through more positive experiences, and the privilege of being exposed to other people who are not only EXCELLENT at what they do, but they have HEARTS THAT SEARCH AFTER GOD!!

As I share these basic “points to ponder” please feel free to comment with your experiences and how you’ve learned/ or are learning these lessons as well. The Holy Spirit is the expert, so we ALL benefit when we share what God is teaching us by His spirit!

“Point to Ponder” #1
How can a musician/artist/church/worship leader remain relevant in an ever changing world and culture?

Let’s remember 2 Corinthians 4:7
“But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.”

This is my life scripture as as a woman, a minister, an artist, and most importantly A PERSON!

Often, once God reveals some of His plans for our lives, we begin to add the work to our faith by doing various things to sharpen our skills and learn how to reach not only our individual cultures, but also other cultures. THAT’S A LOT for a human being to figure out how to do!!!

Many times, we begin with good intentions, but end up lost and confused, not knowing where to go next. STICK WITH the CREATOR. Our FIRST priority should be cultivating our relationship with the ONE who gave us the gifts and the desire to use them in the first place.

Let’s ask ourselves this:

1. Before stepping out into ministry; how much time do I REALLY spend communing with God and getting his specific instruction?

2. Do I really believe that God can give me an effective plan to win souls for HIM that is relevant to those He has sent me to reach? Or do I think I have all the answers?

In short, my first point is, GOD has the answers to what we need to do to reach HIS people with our gifts, How much time are we REALLY spending seeking His face so that we remain close to his heart and do His work with integrity and POWER?…….

“Point to Ponder” #2

Has my ministry/music career/project/church become and IDOL in my life?…………..

I was recently challenged when reading “God’s at War” by Kyle Idleman. This book speaks about how we often have idols in our lives that we don’t even realize have taken the place of God. Your career/ministry/church can become on Idol in your life!!!

Yes I said it!!

It is SO EASY to lose focus and begin to worship the Work we are doing for God and totally loose track of the GOD we are doing the work for!!!

HOW does this happen!!!??? EASILY! If we all examine our lives we could surely find many examples of how we have neglected our most important relationship because we are SO BUSY. I will be the first to cry out GUILTY!!

The solution:

We must ask God to help us to DISCIPLINE our minds first, and then our behaviors and time management will come into alignment. So today I pray for myself and each one that reads this that we will learn to PAUSE, PRAY, and PLAN properly so that we won’t be guilty of doing a whole lot of working that ends up fruitless compared to the harvest that could be reaped when we are properly connected to our SOURCE and aligned with HIS WILL!! We can do this!!!

Take a minute and ask God, what does this mean for me? How can I get my schedule right and spend more time with you?

the third and final “Point to Ponder” is this…….

“Dream with Heaven”

During a recent conversation with a fellow music minister, he reminded me of this simple statement. Dream with Heaven!

God loves His people WAY more than any of us EVER could. HE loved us and He chooses to use us for His glory! He is the one that can give us the strength, the resources, and the organization to carry out our lives in a way that will please HIM. Many of you; like me, are juggling multiple things. And some of you EVEN more because you have families to manage.

GOD KNOWS THIS! This is not to difficult for Him to show us how to navigate through. He DOES NOT intend for us to neglect ourselves, or our families!!

If will will really get step one down, and that’s seeking Him daily in an honest, simple, and transparent way; He will SURELY show us how to navigate through even the most difficult schedules, and situations,

See, God doesn’t just want our ministries and businesses to “look” goo and polished; He wants them to be pure, focused, and POWERFUL from the inside out!

I could try to give you 10 steps to a powerful ministry on here today, but the reality is; The HOLY SPIRIT IS THE EXPERT for YOUR life. He knows the details of your family dynamic, past experiences, present challenges, brokenness, strengths, weaknesses. You name it HE KNOWS it.

Let’s spend time with HIM. He will show us how to be Relevant: meaning effective and powerful for change in this world. And he will show us how to MANAGE our busy lives BY HIS SPIRIT.


1. Sometime TODAY; spend a few moments talking with our God SPECIFICALLY about our ministries. Ask HIM the questions that are tugging your heart. Be on the lookout for a powerful answer!

2. Within the next 3 days, spend some time really examining your daily, weekly, monthly routine as it relates to how you schedule and spend your time. I believe God has some life changing and season shifting insight to share with you that will yield GLORIOUS harvest in the days to come, not just for you, but for your loved ones, and your circle of influence.

3. Last; examine your circle of influence. Who has God blessed you to have an impact on RIGHT NOW? These people are an absolute gift to you. And God loves them WAY MORE than you do! Isn’t that awesome!? How much more could you be a blessing to them if you were really tuned in…..to Heaven?

You can find my music page on www.facebook.com/officialdlynn or www.dannettalynn.com


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