God is raising one of the end time army – ZERA!!

Are you a young music minister in Lagos, this may be one of the opportunities you have been waiting for . ZERA! 

 Zera Mass Choir is a non-denominational international mass choir based in Lagos, Nigeria. Powered and fully endorsed by Midnight Crew Music Ministries and E.M.I., this choir is set to take the world by surprise. With the goal of taking God’s redemption message to the ends of the earth through music, Zera’s target is to be the pride of Africa and an internationally recognized gospel mass choir within 5 years of its creation.   This is an audition in which the successful applicants will be trained and prepared to become seasoned music ministers to be released as seeds  into the world for God’s end time agenda. To recreate the atmosphere of praise and worship so God’s presence can continually dwell on earth until the day He chooses to take the saints away. Hence the name Zera, the Hebrew word for seed.

(Why Zera? : The word Zera (2233) is the Hebrew word for seed – used many times in the Old testament for offspring, descendants, posterity, children of moral quality or practitioner(s) of righteousness.(same as the Greek word for seed – Sperma (4690) in the new testament)
For more : http://emi.com.ng/index.php/zera-mass-choir 


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