Witholding Nothing -William McDowell

Witholding Nothing is a new single by William McDowell. He is a Gospel and praise & worship artist who grew up in Ohio. He started playing piano by the age of five, and by 13 he was playing drums for his church,  playing organ in the church at the age of 16, and he began leading his own worship sessions by the time he was 18. He relocated to Orlando, Florida in 2001, where he began serving as music director and keyboardist for Ron Kenoly. Two years later in 2003, McDowell opened his own recording studio, The Delivery Room, and tracked his debut album, The Reason I Live, there. In 2006 he accepted a worship leader position at the Gathering Place in Lake Mary, Florida, and a year later he was ordained as a pastor there. McDowell issued an ambitious two-CD set, As We Worship Live, in 2009. His second album “Arise” was recorded live on 10th of December 2010.

Available on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/withholding-nothing-single/id681830246

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