Welcome to August :)

The year 2013 started just like yesterday and here we are in the 8th month!

God has been faithful and has kept us alive. In the midst of trials, temptations, victories, through it all, He has been faithful, let’s give Him praise for everything. Let Him know you are grateful for all He has done. God is worthy of all our worship. Why don’t you take some time to thank Him. Looking back, you’ll see that He has been faithful and He is forever faithful. Your blessings are on the way as you praise Him…Halleluyah!

One thought on “Welcome to August :)

  1. No matter what happens to you, just lift your hands to God and give Him the praise. Get excited and praise Him vigorously as David did when the Ark of God was carried into the city of David. Extend your hands to heaven in thanksgiving for what He has done for you. Your being alive is enough to give God praise. When you cultivate the habit of giving praise, you will see more of God's kindness and goodness in your life. Don't focus on what He hasn't done for you. Just go on praising Him and declare with your mouth that God is the origin of your wisdom, wealth, strength, success and achievements.There is power in declaration.Francis Wale Oke '12

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