African gospel artist of the year US /Canada (AGMA) Dare David is out with a new album titled OPEN DOORS. He released a single from the album a while ago PRAISE JEHOVAH featuring Mike Abdul of Midnight Crew. The full album was released on July 27th with an awesome concert /album launch in Dallas, Texas. US.
“Open Doors” is a 14 track album, with different genre of music, from the danceable groove of the first track: “MIGHTY WONDER” into “JEHOVAH DEY” which was rendered with some African chant , to the Title track OPEN DOORS a blend of Techno a little African rhythm and then goes into a very prophetic 6/8 song “ITS YOUR TIME TO SHINE” and goes on into “FOR THE MIRACLES” a praise song to the most high and also a deep worship ballad song “NOBODY LIKE YOU” (Igwe) into the other tracks. Every track  of the new album is loaded with  messages you cannot afford to miss!
The album featured different artists including Praise Jehovah with MIKE ABDUL , Love with HENRISOUL and ChiBuzor, Nobody like You(Igwe) featuring BUMIE DADA, IF GOD featuring Bro Chosen and Jehovah Dey with MORAYO.
 Dare David ‘s Open Doors is an album to look out for this summer and the years to come.
Copies are available at (US only for now ).

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